NEW Hidrofugo Safari Trio

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Time to jazz up your props? We've got you... Check out our full size safari animal set of three of our favourite safari animals - Giraffe, Zebra and a Tiger. 

Hidrofugo - the superior choice of MDF.

Hirdrofugo props have:

  • Superior moisture-resistant properties compared to standard MDF boards
  • Less swelling and less time needed on sanding
  • natural unpainted finish ready for you to prime and customise with any colour with moisture resistant MDF colour shown through when cut into
  • The denser board provides a fantastic surface for finishes and coatings and gives beautiful, crisp edges when machined and is very stable. 
Detailed specification:
Main body - Super sturdy 9mm high quality MDF
NO foot 

Giraffe - 165 cm high x 55 cm wide
Zebra - 110 cm high x 105 cm wide
Tiger - 97 cm high x 42 cm wide

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